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C2 Hotel


C2 Hotel, the great surprise Made In Marseille

Nestled at the bottom of the Good Mother and near the Old Port of the Mediterranean city, this unique 5-star hotel in Marseille is stunning, amazing, ruffling.

This superb venue, that was developed and is maintained by a group of Aix-en-Provence architects, has, besides a listed building and decor combining modern and historical furniture, a private beach on an island in the bay of Marseille! The ultimate luxury. Really.

The website therefore had to be in the image of this landmark hotel, both class and dynamic.

A friendly website navigation on the right and bottom of the screen, a calendar of events clear and quick to update, and quality visuals that set the tone.

As Delphine Clemente, the C2 Hotel Manager, said, "we needed a Web partner and service provider that knows the hospitality and catering business to offer us online marketing solutions for hotels and restaurants to make sure the C2 Hotel is modern, and responsive to current Internet requirements and to future challenges. "

And it works well, WebSamba is working with the C2 on the other venues.

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