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CHLOE CORNU WONG aiming for the 2022 China WO with WebSamba Monaco


Chloe Cornu Wong is a very young and talented skier representing Hong Kong and part of the Hong Kong Ski Team.

Chloe's goal is to participate to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in China. The road ahead is long and costly. Fulfilling that type of dream takes a lot of effort from the athlete, but you can count on her determination to get there, but it also takes a good communication team to attract sponsors and give her the visibility she needs to promote her sports in Asia.

For those matters, Chloe and her parents turned to WebSamba Monaco to :

The WebSamba Team checked all these boxes and the dream is taking shape as Chloe now counts some prominent sponsors like APM Monaco (jewels), Rossignol (ski gear), Club Med (partner for lodging), Compex (cryotherapy), SoBike (cycling)

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