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Denis Ribas and WebSamba Monaco


The grumpy bear with a big art online display


Denis Ribas is a crazy tree painter. Denis Ribas is raw talent and emotion. Denis Ribas, owns an unparalleled charm, a character as we rarely meet in our life.

Denis Ribas, working with him is a rare opportunity, an honor. WebSamba had to respect the trust of this exceptional landscape artist painter who earned quite some fame in China.

When we see a painting by Master Ribas for the first time, the eye lingers. it has just came across something different, unusual. The eye comes to shudder by capturing the force transmitted by the brushstroke. The material is generous and gives deep perspectives. The eye perceives the curves, the movement, the warm colors that cool down or intensify according to the time and mood of the artist.

All of this, the Web extension of the artist had to transcribe. A video without artifices greets the visitor, the hand guides him on his canvas to get in and marvel.

Inside, the collection of photos and paintings by Denis Ribas, accumulated for many years across the world, were poetically ordered: "Free as a painter", "The travel diary", "paintings out of frame "and more prosaically the recent paintings and the Ribas Collection.

In the end, the work of the artist is exhilarated, a humble representation on the virtual canvas of the real emotion that Denis spreads with force and love on the physical canvas here and there, where the wind carries him ...

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