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MaFrance China Monaco


The Excellence of French and Monaco products shipped directly to China


Sounds like a fable ? It's not. Florence Poulet, a strong woman, smart entrepreneur and visionary business woman has put in place, with a patented process, a fabulous eCommerce platform in B2C directly from France and Monaco to China.

MaFrance, the company created by Florence Poulet, has acquired the rights with the agreement of the Chinese toll, to ship French and Monaco products to the major cities of China within 48 hrs ! The Silk Road is open both ways with MaFrance.

Producers log in MaFrance platform, set up their boutique and place Made in France / Made in Monaco products in display. On the other side of the planet, chinese consumers can select a product on MaFrance, purchase it and receive it on their doorstep within 2 days.

How come you have not heard of MaFrance ? Well WebSamba Monaco is working on it so we spread the word on social networks for producers adopt the MaFrance interace to sell in China. WebSamba runs campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn among other media and the producers are flowing in !

WebSamba Monaco is also planning on duplicating with MaFrance the process to other countries, next in line... Monaco of course !

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