APM Monaco jewel maker becomes Chloe Cornu Wong official sponsor for a 4 years contract.

apm monaco and chloe cornu wong team 2At the occasion of the launch of the FUN CRAZY LOVE new APM Monaco collectiion, Chloe Cornu Wong, a young and promising Hong Kong skier and member of the Hong Kong Ski Team, was invited to try some new jewels as well as officializing her new 4 years contract with sponsor APM Monaco.

APM Monaco is a famous and world wide jewel maker, based in Monaco but quite present in Asia and in particular in Hong Kong and China. The opportunity to become the sponsor of a promising Hong Kong skier for the 2022 Beijing Olympics was not to be missed.

Chloe Cornu Wong, whose communication manager Chris Clavel is also based in Monaco, has now some solid ties with the Principality of Monaco. "Why Monaco Chloe ?" she was asked by Mariia Kasian of Hello Monaco Magazine. Chloe answered "because Monaco and Hong Kong are quite similar. They are small but very powerful countries in terms of image, opportunities and kin on sports. When I walk around Monaco, feels a bit like Hong Kong !".

chloe cornu wong apm monaco copyElodie Antoine of Monaco Matin asked Chloe, why choose the APM Monaco jewels ? "I really love these jewels. I can wear them all the times, for any occasions. I keep some while skiing. I wear some when I go out with friends or with my parents. APM Monaco jewels are modern and appeal to young girls like me. I dig them a lot!"

Chloe also added "I am really proud to have APM Monaco as a sponsor. It looks great on my ski helmet  and ski gear !"

In an effort of the Principality to build bridges between Asia and the golden shores of Monaco, this young skier from Hong Kong and her Monaco based communication manager and main sponsor sound like it's being effective. The fact that this effort is aiming at supporting a young athlete to reach her Olympic dream in Beijing in 4 years time is also symbolic of what Monaco is all about, making sports' dreams come true.

A great story in the making to be followed closely.