The urgency and severity of the health situation due to Coronavirus / Covid 19 - and its consequences on the economy - have a direct and profound, sometimes even vital, impact on the lives of all Monegasques and beyond, of all of humanity.

These extreme circumstances induce reactions to the endorsement, whether negative (risky behavior, fake news, panic ...) or positive.

Faced with this situation, our company - like many others fortunately - decided we should simply roll up our sleeves and face the music.

Remote working setup and support, communication, e-commerce, accelerated digital deployment ...

In addition to the rapid adaptation to restrictive containment measures (immediate closing of offices, implementation of teleworking, etc.), WebSamba MC is more than ever determined to put itself at the service of Monegasque and border businesses, to help them get over this difficult milestone and even already prepare for their recovery once the worst of the crisis is behind us.

Internet communications and social networks , ultra-fast implementation of procedures and platforms for remote working ("télétravail") assistance, deployment of online sales sites for physical businesses…

We deploy all of our expertise on a day-to-day basis by all necessary means in order to help our clients emerge from the top of this exceptional situation.

A solidarity-based, people-driven tool for all Monaco residents

In addition, it was impossible for us to remain insensitive to the many outbursts of solidarity which were born in the Principality to help our fellow citizens, in particular the most fragile, to survive in these unfavorable conditions.

Among these initiatives are those of Julia Moraly , an energetic, courageous and committed citizen who quickly took the bull by the horns by creating an informal self-help group on Facebook:Aides pour les résidents à Monaco pendant le confinement !!

aides pour les résidents à monaco pendant le confinement_ facebook

This group has thus enabled many Monegasques to share information on the situation in real time, but also and above all to create a positive dynamic of mutual assistance allowing it's up to everyone to suggest that the most vulnerable people do their shopping, provide them with medicines, help them with pets and much more.

In view of the success of the group (more than 2,500 members currently) , we quickly realized that it would soon be extremely difficult for its managers to collect all the proposals from the growing flow of Facebook messages. .

This is why we quickly proposed to Julia Moraly to set up at our expense a secure, simple and efficient internet platform , allowing automatic collection of proposals and requests for help, and thus facilitate their connection.

The group thus has the same platform as the AirBnB aid program against the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. online in record time

Faced with the inexorable and relentless progression of the virus, we had to respond with no less speed and efficiency.

We are proud to have enabled this platform to be launched in less than 48 hours . Although still in development, it is already available at

monaco covid19 coronavirus solidarite aides websamba mc1

This website, which allows the Facebook group to efficiently centralize proposals and requests for help, will quickly evolve with real-time geolocation functions allowing you to see all that the members offer in the Principality at a glance.

It will also allow in the coming days to centralize a number of other useful information , such as the opening of post offices, supermarkets or pharmacies, but also important documents (exit certificates etc.) as well as a direct line with voluntary health professionals to answer questions from Monegasques.

Monaco Matin - as well as Monaco Hebdo - notably supported the initiative with their media weight and recently echoed this initiative: S’en sortir, sans sortir : comment 2.000 personnes s'entraident grâce à un groupe Facebook à Monaco. (Getting through without getting out : how 2.000 people aid each other thanks to a Facebook group in Monaco).

monaco covid19 coronavirus solidarite aides websamba mc2
monaco covid19 coronavirus solidarite aides websamba mc3

Solidarity with Monegasque small businesses and shops

Monegasque residents , foremost among them the elderly and those at risk, are not the only ones to suffer from confinement and its consequences.

Companies in the Principality are also paying a heavy price , and if some manage to organize themselves by telework, particularly in the tertiary sector, others like shops are even more directly affected by health restrictions.

These restrictive measures, but also and above all the disorganization that can result from them, particularly in terms of logistics, put the nerves and resilience of traders to the test.

To help them, but also residents who need their service, WebSamba adds new functionalities to the Aides Monaco group site, starting with the full list in the form of interactive map of restaurants, caterers and fast-food restaurants Monegasque food offering delivery or take-out services to confined residents.

Thanks to this system , merchants will be able to update their information themselves in just a few clicks, in particular the times and terms of deliveries that will change due to the news and their capacity. to face it.


monaco shops

Proud to stand alongside Monegasque residents

Yes, we are proud and happy to make our humble contribution to an initiative that highlights so well the spirit of solidarity, courage and fighting spirit, in a word, humanity that characterizes our beautiful country so well.

We take this opportunity to wish the best to all , with a special thought for all those affected by the coronavirus, including our Sovereign HSH Prince Albert II who paid a heavy tribute to his unwavering commitment at the side of his confined people.

We wish you the greatest courage to recover better health as soon as possible.

We also think of all those who are suffering from the immeasurable economic consequences of this unprecedented situation.

We will be at your side at all times to face the storm, and we will emerge more united and stronger than ever. Viva Moneghu!

Chris Clavel, Director WebSamba MC.